University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

General Info

The Men's Volleyball team at the University of Iowa is a club sport. Each year, roughly 20 - 25 guys are selected for the team. Any University of Iowa Student or Faculty member is eligible to play, however, our conferences have minimum credit hour eilgibility requirements.  This means if you do not meet the conference eligibility requirements, you cannot participate in conference events but can participate in non-conference events.  Our season runs roughly from October to April. October through December is our pre season and January through April is our regular season. Two teams are fielded each year, the Black (1st) team is a member of the Big Ten Men's Volleyball Association (BTMVA), and the Gold (2nd) team is a member of the Midwest Collegiate Volleyball Association (MCVA). The Black team also attends the NIRSA National championship tournament at the end of each season.

Again, we are a club sport. Men's volleyball is not a varsity sport at Iowa. Since we are only a club sport, we do not get much funding from the University. Each player is responsible for player dues each semester, purchasing a uniform (warm-ups/sweatshirts/etc... are optional), and food and gas on trips. Dues are approximately $250 a year (subject to change). We hold two tournaments at Iowa each season, one in the Fall and one in the Spring, which is our biggest fundraiser. Our annual Spring tournament has grown to be one of the largest tournaments in the Midwest, consistently filling up quickly. We also do other fund raisers (such as ball rotation for the women's varsity matches) to help alleviate costs.

Practices are usually held only twice a week, traditionally on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We play in tournaments just about every other weekend, and play a few single matches. We travel all over the Midwest and usually don't go much further than Michigan, except for nationals. It is a casual, fun, and relaxed atmosphere and a great bunch of guys. One of our main interests is having fun, both on and off the court. That is one of the best things about club volleyball is that it is a high level of competition, but we can still have lots of fun. Iowa Men's Volleyball players are encouraged to make volleyball a high priority, however, education always take priority over volleyball. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.