University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

11/9/2002 - MSU Back to the Hardwood Classic Photos

On the weekend of November 8th, both the Black and the Gold team traveled to Michigan State University for the Back to the Hardwood Classic. Both teams fared well. The Black team died out in the Bronze division, while the Gold team surprised a lot of teams and ended up finishing third in Division II. Below are some pictures from the tournament. Click on any picture for a larger version of it.

The Gold team gets ready for their first match against Kent State. Merrill Mangalasseril nails the pass.
Drew Edwards serves the ball tough. Dave Earnest gets up and pokes the ball through the block.
Dave Earnest and John Crinion put up a very strong block. Dave Earnest tosses the ball for his serve.
John and Merrill watch Dave Earnest handle the serve with ease. The black team prepares for their matchup with Cincinatti.
Dave Warner and Scott Miller force the hitter to tip over the block. Asa Anderson watches his serve cruise over the net.
Steve Long squats to get to the serve. Jon Schulte pounds a quick off the block.
Steve Long gets up high for the block. Steve Long slides around back for the kill.
Mike Reding watches Steve jump serve. Chris Boylan stares down the Purdue offense.
Dave and Merrill fight to nail the serve. Dave Earnest serves it up.
Merrill makes it look easy. Merrill makes a great pass so Dave can put it down.
Dave swings hard against the Illinois block. Lee Smith and Dave Earnest watch the serve coming over the net.
Dave Earnest and John Crinion try to block the weak side attack. Dave tries to use the Illinois block.
Lee Smith sees Nick Lorch coming for the quick set.