University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

11/8/2003 - MSU Back to the Hardwood Classic Photos

On the weekend of November 8th, both the Black and the Gold team traveled to Michigan State University for the Back to the Hardwood Classic. Both teams played well, but unfortunately lost the matches that counted.

Randy Satovitz get ready to pass the serve. The blockers get ready to react.
Brett Slezak cocks back to serve. Nick Lorch and Sean McCoy set up a block outside.
Pete Harris awaits the serve. Matt Boes takes off for a jump serve.
The team watches Pete Harris go up agianst a single block. Nick Lorch sets the ball.
Pete Harris puts up a strong block. Jeff Smith rips the serve.
Merrill Mangalasseril easily handles the serve. Dave Earnest flies in for the jump serve.
Chris Boylan reaches high on the block. Mike Reding craftily sets the ball.
Joe Murphey makes serve receive look easy. Dave Warner takes a big swing.
Joe Murphey leaps to kill the ball.