University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

3/18/2006 - Big Ten Championships at Northwestern

On March 18th, both the Black team and the Gold team traveled to Northwestern University for the  Big Ten Championship Tournament. Both teams fared well, eding up right in the middle. Click on any picture to see a larger version of it.

Mike Reding on the solo block. Paul Nowacki reaches to save the ball.
Jack Carlson sneaks the ball past the block. Mike Reding Connects with the serve.
Jack Carlson takes off for the middle attack. Jack Carlson attempts to block the Purdue hitte.
Mike Reding eyes the outside set. Dave Warner casually tips the ball past the block.
Paul Nowacki steps up to pass the serve. Dave Warner can't quite get his hands on the hit.
Dan Aguilar goes up strong. Paul Nowacki sets up the block.
Reach Stiles easily passes the serve. Kevin O'Connel get his hands on the pass.
Ryan Johnson prepares to snap on the ball. Mark Lindberg sets the block for Greg Zawada.
Ryan Johnson rolls the ball. Nick Rill takes off for the attack.
Ryan Johnson reaches for the ball. Mark Lindberg on the solo block
Ryan Johnson winds up. Nick Rill pops the serve.
Rich Stiles makes it look easy. Ryan Johnson tries to tool the block.
Nick Rill cuts it past the block. Kevin O'Connell and Greg Zawada put up a nice block.
Mark Lindberg connects on the outside. Kevin O'Connell serves the ball.
Mark Lindber awaits the serve. Nick Rill cuts it down the line.
Mark Lindberg hits it right through the block.