University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

10/23/2004 - MSU Back to the Hardwood Classic Photos

On the weekend of October 22nd, 2004, both the Black and the Gold team traveled to Michigan State University for the Back to the Hardwood Classic. Both teams played well, but unfortunately lost the matches that counted.

Chris Boylan shows off his jump floater. Joe Murphey passes the ball with ease.
Brendan Kremer prepares to receive the serve. Dave Warner and Mike Reding put up a double block.
Brendan Kremer nails the pass. Mike Reding gets up for the solo block.
Jack Carlson takes a swing. Mike Reding jump serves.
Chris Boylan watches Dav Volpes solo block. The whole team runs a quick attack.
Pete DeBruin takes a huge swing. Mike Reding sets the ball as John Crinion runs the quick.
Pete DeBruin and Dan Aguilar try to block the weak side attack. Mike Reding jump sets the pass.
John Crinion and Mike Reding put up a solid block.