University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

2/11/2006 - Big Ten Qualifier at Purdue - Photos

On February 10th, we traveled to Purdue University for the Big Ten Qualifier . We played a total of 9 matches in 2 days, and ended up 4-5. Below are pictures from the day, click on any picture to see a larger version of it.

Kevin Colella swings outside. Paul Nowacki reaches for the ball.
Eriks Zusevics eyes the ball. Eriks takes off for the jump serve.
Jack Carlson and Dave Warner put up a solid block. The blockers wonder where Mike Reding will set the ball.
Mike Reding and Dave Warner on the block. Merrill Mangalasseril takes one a bit high.
Dave Warner reaches to block the quick attack. Jack Carlson soars to hit the back quick.
Merrill takes easily handles the serve. Dan Aguilar rushes to close the block.
Paul Nowacki receives the serve. Dan Aguilar goes on on one with the hitter.
Mike Reding jump sets the ball. Dan Aguilar drives for the quick set.
A group of fonzies. The team prepares for the next play.
Mike Reding gets right on the ball. Chirag Patel nails the pass.
Dave Warner gets up to put it down. Chirag Patel winds up for the serve.
Mike O'Malley swings outside. Eriks Zusevics nails the back set.
Mike Reding has to bump set the ball. Kevin Colella bounces the ball pre serve.
Dan Aguilar solo blocks the attacker. Mike O'Malley tries to put one past the double block.
Kevin Colella fists the overpass through the block.