University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

11/17/2001 - MSU Back to the Hardwood Classic

On the weekend of November 16th, both the Black and the Gold team traveled to Michigan State University for the Back to the Hardwood Classic. Both teams fared well. The black team finished 5th overall, while the Gold team claimed the Division II Bronze title. Below are some pictures from the tournament. Click on any picture for a larger version of it.

Samar William tries to put one past the feeble single block. Chris Boylan starts his approach as Lee Smith sets the ball.
Chris Boylan and Samar William put up a solid block, while Alex Fox waits for the tip. Dave Earnest goes up strong.
Samar William gets the solo block. Brian Fitzgeral, Steve Long, and Joe Murphey hope that serve is out.
The team huddles in the middle of the court while Steve Long demonstrates his techniques. Dave Warner closes the block outside with Scott Miller.
Brian Fitzgerald tries to solo block Ball State's weak side. Scott Miller sets a three ball.
Adam Seale tries to close the block with Brian Fitzgerald. Steve Long soars above the block on this outside attack.
Dave Warner unleashes his jump serve. Chris Mengarelli watches Jim Huber reach for the two ball.
Is Steve a setter... No, he's a hitter.
Steve Long gets up high for the solo block. The Hawkeyes prepare to return the serve.
Joe Murphey puts down a two in warm ups. Everyone watches Purdue's quick attack land out of bounds.
The defense is ready if this hit gets past Fitz. Dave Warner calls out his hitters while the Hawkeyes get ready to serve.
There is no way the ball is getting past the block of Greg Ephraim and Dave Warner.