University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

2/10/2007 - Big Ten Qualifier at Purdue - Photos

On February 9th, we traveled to Purdue University for the Big Ten Qualifier . We played a total of 9 matches in 2 days, and ended up 4-5. Below are pictures from the day, click on any picture to see a larger version of it.

Brett Kuzniar and Jack Carlson double block the outside. Mike O'Malley reaches to pass the ball.
Colin Kilgallon calmly serves the ball. Rob Sabo prepares to receive the serve.
Kevin Colella stretches to top the ball past the block. Kevin Colella and Rob Sabo both anticipate the serve.
Paul Nowacki soars on the jump serve. Kevin Colella takes off for the attack.
Brett Kuzniar contemplates the serve. Jack Carlson cuts it past the block.
Peter Gustin connects with the ball. Kevin Colella connects outside.
Dan Stiles delivers the set. Brett Kuzniar and Paul Nowacki put up a solid block
Brett Kuzniar snaeaks the quick attack through. Joe Demonte closes the block with Peter Gustin.
Peter Gustin rips the serve. The team watches Peter Gustin calmly handle the serve.
Rob Sabo passes the serve... ...then takes it overhead.