University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

4/9-4/13/2003 - NIRSA Nationals Photos

This year, Nationals were in Columbus, OH. As usual, it was a lot of fun. Thanks to Greg for sending me his pictures. We finished tied for 25th place, barely losing to Colorado in the Silver Division quarter finals.

If anyone has any pictures to add, email them to . Click on any picture to see a larger version of it.

Here is us beating #1 ranked Arizona. The defense gets ready for the Arizona attack.
Everbody watches the ball soar out of bounds. Dave Warner and Mike Reding put up a solid block, but the ball still squeezes through.
Dave Warner attempts his patented jump serve. Chris Boylan watches the Cal Poly defense.
Jeff Smith prepares for take off. The blockers are fooled, so he sets the ball instead.
Mike Reding and Jeff Smith surround Dave Warner after hitting a slide. Steve Long approaches for the outside hit.
Steve Long reaches back to keep the ball in play. Chris Boylan hit the quick in the middle.
Greg Ephraim sneaks the ball past the blockers. Chris Boylan fakes the quick to free up Greg in the back.
Steve Long rips the ball right past the block. Once again, Steve avoids the block.
Chris Boylan gets set on the weak side. Jeff Smith watches the action, waiting to go back in.
Dave Warner wathces the ball over the net. The Hawkeyes get ready to serve.
Now, the Hawks get ready to receive the serve. The ball barely gets through the block of Greg Ephraim and Chris Boylan.
The team celebrates after a big block. Greg Ephraim is pleased with his performance.