University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

2/1/2003 - Iowa State Chaos in the Cornfields Photos

On Saturday, February 1st, 2003, we traveled to Ames for the 5th annual Chaos in the Cornfield tournament. We ended up placing fifth after a very interesting day. During our quarterfinal match, someone shut off the lights in the gym we were playing in, so in the middle of the match we had to move to the other gym. That proved to be a move for the worst, as we lost that match.

Dave Warner closes the block outside. Steve Long goes up for a solo block.
The team watches Joe Murphey nail the pass. Joe Murphey nails yet another pass.
Joe Murphey dives to pass the serve. Jeff Smith serves the ball.
Jon Schulte pulls the jump floater out of his arsenal. Jeff Smith waits for the serve.
Mike Reding reaches to set the ball to Chris Boylan. The ball catches the top of Chris Boylan's block.
Joe Murphey cuts the ball past the block. Joe wisely tips the ball over the waiting block.