University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

4/17-4/21/2002 - NIRSA Nationals Photos

On April 17th, 2002, we traveled to the Lone Star state for the NIRSA national tournament in Dallas, TX. We fared pretty well this tournament. We had match point twice against UC Davis to go to the Gold division, but we just couldn't pull it off. We ended up in the Silver division, only to lose to the Maryland Terrapins to get knocked out of the tournament. Click here to see the complete daily results. Below are some pictures from the tournament. Click on any picture to see a larger version of it.

Here is a picture of the team under the tournament banner. Yet another picture under the tournament banner, this time with all the parents who braved the trip to Dallas.
Here is a good picture outside the Cadillac Grill in the West End. They definitely lived up to their claim of "authentic Mexican food." Brian Fitzgerald passes the ball as Adam Seale starts his approach.
Brian Fitzgerald nails yet another pass. The blockers find their hitters against Virginia Tech.
The team prepares to shake hands with the other team following a tough match. The whole Army team looks back at a ball just blocked by Greg Ephraim.
Everyone watches as Brian Fitzgerald's hit goes down. Tom Maes drops one right over the block.
Dave Warner and Scott Miller get a touch on the Army hit. Jeff Smith prepares for battle.
Scott Miller calls the offense. Adam Seale rips one past the OshKosh blocker.
Brian Fitzgerald steps in front of Steve Long to pass the ball. Dave Warner puts up a great spread block against OshKosh.
Joe Murphey casually nails the pass. Adam Seale blocks the ball straight down.
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Adam Seale closes the block with Steve Long. Adam Seale closely watches his serve.
Steve Long gets up high to hit the two ball agianst the Terrapins. Brian Fitzgerald and Joe Murphey await the serve.