University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

2/16/2002 - Big Ten Qualifier at Iowa Photos

On February 16th, 2002, the University of Iowa hosted the second Big Ten Qualifier and the Midwest 10 Championships. The day was filled with many exciting matches, ultimately crowning Indiana as the regular season Big Ten champs and Marquette as the Midwest 10 champs. Below are some photos from the Iowa match against Michigan State. Thanks to Eliot Costianis for taking these pictures.

Tom Maes and Scott Miller watch as the ball hangs on top of the net. Scott Miller waits for the ball as Tom Maes drives for the quick.
Scott Miller and Dave Warner put up a strong block. Dave Warner hits the quick off the top of the block.
Chris Mengarelli and Dave Warner force the hitter to swing very high. Dave Warner sneaks the quick past the block.
Steve Long has to set the ball over the net. Steve Long watches the block of Chris Mengarelli and Dave Warner.
Brian Fitzgerald jumps to block the weak side attack. Brian Fitzgerald swings away against the double block.
Chris Mengarelli sets the ball over to the Michigan State defense. Everyone watches as Brian Fitzgerald goes up against the single block.
Greg Ephraim tries to tip the ball past the waiting block. Michigan State punches the ball through Scott Miller and Dave Warner's block.