University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

1/20/2002 - Big Ten Qualifier at Purdue Photos

On January 20th, we traveled to Purdue University for the 1st Big Ten Qualifier at Purdue University. We played four matches agianst Purdue, Northwestern, Michigan, and Indiana. Below are pictures from the day, click on any picture to see a larger version of it. Thanks to Eliot Costianis for taking these pictures.

The team waits for their turn to hit during warmups. Chris Mengarelli is all bent out of shape after a jump serve.
Brian Fitzgerals hits one past the Purdue blockers. Dave Warner gets ready to hit as Steve Long passes the ball.
Brian Fitzgerald passes the serve with ease. Chris Mengarelli drops one over the Purdue blockers.
Steve Long attempts to use the block from the weak side. Adam Seale gets a hand on the attack.
The antenna bends as Brian Fitzgerald's hit clips it. The team regroups in the middle of the court.
Adam Seale soars to close the block with Chris Mengarelli. Steve Long rushes to cover Brian Fitzgerald's swing.
Steve Long cuts it sharp cross court. Dave Warner and Scott Miller put up a solid block that scares the hitter.
Steve Long hits it line right past the blockers. Scott Miller watches Brian Fitzgerald tear one past the big block.
Greg Ephraim jumps high to block the back row attack. Greg Ephraim fakes the back quick as Scott Miller sets it outside.
Joe Murphey hits it hard past the block. The camera man comes out from behind the lens.
Chillin like villians. Dan Kitchel hard at work, or hardly working...
The team shakes hands with Indiana prior to their match. Joe Murphey eyes the incoming serve.
Brian Fitzgerald and Adam Seale put up a huge block for the Indiana hitter. Brian Fitzgerald sqeaks it past the block.
Steve Long hits it over the late block. Brian Fitzgerald nails the pass.