University of Iowa Men's Volleyball

11/3/2001 - Iowa vs. Colorado Photos

On Saturday, November 3rd, Iowa played the Colorado Buffalos in the semi finals of the 3rd Annual Hawkeye Fall Invitational. This match proved to be a memorable one. It went back and forth the whole match, and Colorado ultimately won by the scores of 28-30, 25-22, 15-12. Thanks to Eliot Costianis for snapping these pictures. Click on any picture to see a larger version of it.

You can just feel the team unity oozing from our huddle. The defense prepares themselves while the ref signals for serve.
Brian Fitzgerald and Adam Seale put up a solid block, but Colorado looks prepared for anything. Steve Long approaches on the outside while Chris Mengarelli watches in awe.
Dave Warner reaches to hit the quick set. Steve Long concentrates on his jump serve.
Dave Warner tries to hit the quick past LV Hanson of Colorado. Steve Long, Brian Fitzgerald and Joe Murphey are full of energy in this picture.
Fitz wonders who will get the ball. Josh Raymond of Colorado might have gotten a piece of Greg Ephraim's hit.
Dave Warner and Joe Murphey start to doze off as Mike Ephraim talks strategery. Steve Long eyes his hitter as Dave Warner watches for the serve.
Greg Ephraim and the rest of the Hawkeyes celebrate after narrowly wining game one. Dave Warner and Greg Ephraim put up a wall for Alex Rothberg of Colorado.
Steve Long comes in to hit the tandem, but Colorado's LV Hanson is not fooled. Greg Ephraim tries to solo block Alex Rothberg, but Colorado is covering well.
Brian Fitzgerald gets excited at the sight of a solo block. Colorado gets a double block on Adam Seale hitting from the right side.
To this day, I still cannot find the ball in this picture. Once again, Adam Seale tries to get a kill from the right side.
The whole front row (and Colorado) watch to see if Iowa's defense will pop this ball up. Steve Long tries to get a block, but Joel Foss of Colorado splits the uprights.
Greg Ephraim penetrates far over the net to block Brad Morrey. Chris Payne of Colorado hits against Dave Warner's massive block.
Steve, Fitz and Murph make it look so easy. Fitz extends to squeeze the ball through the block.
Chris Payne of Colorado watches the Hawkeyes as they prepre the offensive. Steve Long rises to the occasion and puts down the back quick.
Brian Fitzgerald eyes Colorado's defense to hit the open spot.